Free Agent Finder

  • Most valuable service for teams
  • Compiled list of every single recently released player from low-Indy ball to AAA affiliates
  • Each player will have most recent stats, along with a league-to-league equivalency
    • Based on the idea of Major League Equivalencies, we have found the coefficient that represents the average league-to-league transition (i.e. batting .250 in League A, and then .300 in League B is a coefficient of 1.2)
    • Based on every single player from last two seasons to play in 2+ leagues
    • Includes tested coefficients to most leagues from anywhere between low-Indy to AA, and predictive coefficients for transitions that lack data
  • Service can be conducted on hard-copy or completely digital at the request of the team
  • Service is primarily meant for teams through the offseason as they reload rosters, but it is also available on a player by player basis throughout the season
  • Can also be easily translated to help inform trades

Lineup Optimization

  • With general guidelines (Platooning, Traditional vs. OBP driven) from a manager/baseball operations head, we will produce the ideal lineup for your team
  • Backed by years of data from independent research and prevailing theories in Sabermetrics

In-Game Strategy

  • Access to our comprehensive programs that use Run Expectancy and a team's scoring tendencies to determine points in a game where strategy plays, like sacrifice bunts and intentional walks, are worth the risk
  • Hard copy service entails updating players' stats on a weekly basis and outputting a booklet with all possible solutions and the appropriate call
  • Digital service includes access to computer program that takes the searching out of the process, allowing decisions to be made in split seconds and speed up the game

Team/League-wide Player Rankings

  • For Teams:
    • Works hand-in-hand with line-up optimization and strategy services
    • Can identify sleeper players to give a team a late season boost
    • Can also identify players who are underperforming despite decent surface level statistics
  • For Leagues:
    • Perfect for a league website, adds an extra level of depth to a fan's understanding of which players are the most valuable
    • Can also be used for...
      • Year-end awards
      • Monthly-Weekly Top Performers
      • Inform decisions for all-star game rosters