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Mission Statement
Mox Sports Stats provides innovative statistical insights to Independent Baseball and ultimate Frisbee teams that aren't able to devote the necessary time themselves. In the world of Independent Baseball, we aid in bridging the information gap between them and their affiliated counterparts with MLB resources. This includes removing the burden most Managers and General Managers face when finding and evaluating free agent candidates. In ultimate Frisbee, we are leading the charge of ultimate's 'Information Boom', because, currently, teams are inundated with data without the time or man-power to even scratch the surface of the possibilities it presents.

Mox Sports Stats was officially founded in the Spring of 2018, but our work started much earlier. The first research projects we carried out were inspired by being introduced to Moneyball back in 7th grade, and then diving down the rabbit hole of past research from the early Sabermetric movement. The first research was very simple correlational studies, but over time we developed our own metrics for valuing a player's offensive value. By the third iteration we had reached a new level of success, our stats were just marginally behind the MLB elites-- WAR, OPS+, and Pythagorean Win %.

We knew we were nearing a point where there wasn't much more room for improvement so we sought out a use for our stats where the elite, and proprietary, stats of the Big Leagues weren't already in place. After a chance encounter while covering the Minnesota Gophers Men's Basketball team, we were lucky enough to be profiled by a website called SportsFeelGoodStories.com. SFGS's owner, Michael O'Halloran, was intrigued while talking with us at the game and offered to write about us in his publication so we could gain some exposure.

Through that article we got in touch with the St. Paul Saints, which is when we found the new direction for our research. We were invited to attend Saints games as media, and from time to time we could provide some suggestions to try and help the team maximize their production.

This was an incredibly useful learning experience, because we saw that even the most successful Independent Baseball team in the country didn't have much time to worry about advanced statistics. We used this time to network with people in the Indy baseball world, and began to fine tune services we believed to be the most important for a team at that level. Brainstorming and workshopping ideas with our expanded network is when this hobby started to look more and more like a viable business.

The Summer of 2018 is when things really started to take off. Through the Summer the business took shape as our involvement in the Lorentzen Student Hatchery at Drake University fine tuned our business model and our strategies for growth and customer discovery. Through the Summer we became a legal entity, came up with a company logo, and began planning for long-term success.

Also through the Summer, we made our second official partnership with the Minnesota Wind Chill, a professional ultimate Frisbee team in the AUDL. One of the team's players, Dylan DeClerck, also went through the same Hatchery Program and he was instrumental in getting me in touch with the Wind Chill front office and coaches.

Having followed ultimate for the past several years, we had always kept that in the back of our minds as a possibility. Once we began researching small projects for the team as their season progressed, we realized how little the rest of the league had in terms of advanced metrics. Like Indy baseball, most teams have very little time to look at anything beyond simple counting stats.

Going forward, our options are fairly open ended. We are actively seeking independent baseball and ultimate frisbee teams to be our newest clients, and information on services we provide can be found in each sport's respective tabs. Contact information can be found on the Contact tab, including questions about our services, our blog, or any other related topics.

Jacob Mox - Owner, Head of Research, Editor - Baseball & Ultimate

Jacob is the Owner and namesake of Mox Sports Stats. He is a Sophomore at Drake University and is planning to major in Data Analytics. An Eagan, Minn. native, Jacob is currently living on campus in Des Moines, Iowa working in the Lorentzen Student Hatchery to develop and grow the company.

Zane Douglas - Contributing Writer - Baseball

Zane is a Sophomore Journalism & Mass Communications major at Iowa State University. He has written or co-written a number of our blog posts, and is also a Men's Track and Field Writer at IowaStateDaily.com

Steven Wagner - Research Assistant - Ultimate

Steven is a Sophomore Computer Engineering major at the University of Notre Dame. Steven is behind some of the design elements on our website, and he also has been helping with research and development of ultimate frisbee statistics. Steven also plays handler for Notre Dame's Varsity Club Ultimate team, Papal Rage.